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Introduction to Iceland

Reykjanes Excursion

In this excursion, we will head to the Reykjanes peninsula, where the mid Atlantic ridge rises from the ocean, to give you a better view of the area most foreigners describe as "moon landscape". More than half of the penisula is covered with lava flows, some of which are only a few hundred years old. You will see lava cones and craters of different size and shapes.

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There are seven universities in the country. Most of the higher education institutions are run by the state or private parties with state support. Currently there are approximately 18000 students enrolled in the higher education system, of which about 5% are international students.

International students either attend Icelandic higher education institutions as exchange students or as degree-seeking students. For exchange options, please consult the international office of your home university, where you can get information on partner universities.
























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