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Introduction to Iceland

"Who are those Icelanders?" and Þorrablót

In Iceland, we maintain an old custom called Þorrablót. Before it was a matter of religion but now it's all about enjoying each others company and eat the traditional Þorramatur. Before starting the Þorrablót, a lecture on Icelandic culture and society will be held.

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Iceland is a land of contrasts, fire and ice. Reykjavík, the capital, may not be the largest city in the world but there you can find everything that bigger cities offer today. Whether it is modern Icelandic design you search, designer boutique or the typical low prize brands you can do some good shopping. In Reykjavík you can also find quality restaurants and a vivid night live.

If it is nature you seek you will not be disappointed. As the land is densely populated and unpolluted it is easy to find peace and quiet in the midst of extraordinary magical landscape.

But you can also find lots of opportunity for adventure in Iceland; spurting geysers, glaciers and waterfalls offer endless possibilities for an exciting adventure either in the sun or in snowfall.